Thursday, February 4, 2010

Road Trip 2010 - Southwestern USA

The following 7 posts are some of the photo's from our trip. It was fairly successful for both of us on the photo front, however Bob was a clear "winner" if there was such a thing. I had to learn alot and quickly as light metering, exposure and tripod work are not my fortes but I came away with a few nice shots that I will work on and post over the coming month or so. This is a smattering of vacation and set up shots to give you a feel for what we seen.

I always love having Bob to myself without the distractions or work, chores - you know...being a grownup but this was truly a great trip. Vacations are fun and carefree, where our big decision for the day is if we should eat Mexican for the 5th day in a row - but then that's an easy one as the answer is always YES.

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