Thursday, February 4, 2010

Las Vegas, NV to the Grand Canyon and back

Due to continuing bad weather in the "high country" our trip to Sedona National Park and Grand Canyon seems best left for another time so we decide to head back to Vegas early and see abit more of the city.
The Hoover Dam. You can see in the top left corner is a bridge they are building to bypass the Dam and you will no longer be able to drive over it, so we were kinda glad we got a chance.
New bridge as we went under it
Ready or Not - Here we come
Our room at the MGM
We went for great dinner (this was late at night, it was busy when we were there)

The details of the night are best left off the internet so lets skip to the next morning ;)
We got up early and decided to splurge and take a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Along the way we seen Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, landed on the floor of the Grand Canyon and then flew over The Strip on the way back. What an experience.

These are the Maverick helicopters
Aerial of the Hoover Dam
Bob with Lake Mead in the backgroundThe West Rim of the Grand Canyon
Starting to land - this alone was worth the price.
Snack and Champagne
Our pilot

We needed to stop for gas

Bob with his parachute still on :)Back in the air

Then we were off to drop of the rental car, have a drink at the airport and go home.

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