Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monument Valley, AZ / Canyon de Chelly, AZ / Gallup, NM

Monument Valley is just north of Kayenta so we headed out early but caught sunrise before we were within the park.

Left (or West) Mitten, Right (or East) Mitten and the Merrick Butte
Alot of westerns were filmed in Monument Valley. This is the view from John Ford's Point Overlook - apparently his favorite spot.
Little teeny tiny Bob
So much for the reserve being dry!!!

We then decided to keep heading North and pop back into Utah for lunch. This was the Twin Rock Cafe in Mexican Hat.
Polygamy Porter. Ha Ha Ha
I had the Squatters, Bob stuck with Cherry Coke - he was my driver after all.
Navajo Taco. Apparently only found in the Four Corners (where UT, AZ, NM and CO meet), it is made with a fried Navajo bread.

Then it was back South to Canyon de Chelly. There was a Puebloan cliff dwelling here but I may have to snag one of Bob's pictures to show you.
It was muddy

Bob's shot of Canyon de Chelly. I didn't have a weather resistant lenses or camera body so I didn't shoot much due to the snow.
Some storm warnings were in effect for the next few days (snow in the north and rain in the south) so we headed to Gallup, NM to try to beat the snow. It didn't work.

You will notice our accommodations seem to be less impressive every night - but we were on Route 66.

Then to Don Diego's for more Mexican. This is their specialty "Archie's Taco".

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