Sunday, March 28, 2010

Times, They Are A Changing

Just a quick note to let everyone that frequents this blog, that I am joining Bob over on Flickr. My blog has been fun and certainly has some benefits over Flickr but it really came down to making it easier to upload and manage so many photos at once.

It will also be easier to keep up on what I am now calling "Special Projects" on Flickr, which is where I will post all my CSA related material and you will no longer have to scroll through the blog to locate updates.

Please come and see Me, Bob and Big Stretch Photography at:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter CSA - Update

January and February deliveries are now posted.

Dan's Birthday

Poker on Friday night.

Dinner on Wednesday

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Road Trip 2010 - Southwestern USA

The following 7 posts are some of the photo's from our trip. It was fairly successful for both of us on the photo front, however Bob was a clear "winner" if there was such a thing. I had to learn alot and quickly as light metering, exposure and tripod work are not my fortes but I came away with a few nice shots that I will work on and post over the coming month or so. This is a smattering of vacation and set up shots to give you a feel for what we seen.

I always love having Bob to myself without the distractions or work, chores - you know...being a grownup but this was truly a great trip. Vacations are fun and carefree, where our big decision for the day is if we should eat Mexican for the 5th day in a row - but then that's an easy one as the answer is always YES.

Las Vegas, NV

We arrive in Las Vegas
The Strip

We drop our bags at the hotel (after getting a room upgrade - nice)and are off to check out The Strip. We need beer for walking.

We gamble $1 in each of the 3 casinos we went into but didn't hit the jackpot.

99 cent beers - Sweeeeet

Then found out about 99 cent hamburger and fries at 4 in the morning - only in Vegas

There's no sin in Sin City
*** Viewer discretion is advised ***

Valley of Fire, NV to Springdale, UT

The next morning (around 8 Bob has us out of the hotel) we head north out of Vegas towards Utah and stop at Lake Mead (what a joke) and the Valley of Fire.

We are now in the Valley of Fire which is a State Park in Nevada
You can camp right there. It looked crazy cool.Our first arch

Back on track and getting close to Utah

Made a donation here

Stayed the night in Springdale, at the entrance to Zion national Park, Utah. Went for supper at Oscar's - what a great place. I may want to retire here.Local BeerFish Taco'sBob is having chimichanga's I think. Get ready there is a lot of pictures of Mexican food :)Our room at the Desert Pearl Inn. Very nice. Bob had a run in with a deer but there is no pictures of that.

Springdale, UT to Kayenta, AZ

Sunrise at Zion National Park
Our Ford Escape rental. We liked it alot.

Back to the hotel for coffee and then out to grab some breakfast. Our room had a patio that opened onto that beautiful scene behind the inn.
Goofing around after breakfast

Heading back into the park for the day
Court of the Patriarchs
One of the patriarchs from the "Court of the Patriarchs"
Did a few hour hike to what was supposed to be a waterfall. No waterfall but alot of pictures along the way.

Leaving the park they have blasted tunnels through the mountains to get out the other side. It was cool but a little scary.

The landscape was totally different on the other side of the tunnel. These grooves in the rocks are created by the wind.

On the way to Kayenta we stopped at "Dogtown".Stop along the highway for sunset, then drove for a couple of hours in the dark before getting to Kayenta.

Kayenta is within the Navajo Reservation (which is dry). This was the night I asked where to buy beer not realizing we had entered the reservation. Ops.

Our wheelchair accessible hotel room