Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apache Junction, AZ

Heading over to have coffee with Bruno and Janet

Ran into some family friends who were looking for higher ground for when the rain came.
The boys got in a round of golf.
Fun night

What did I say earlier about our accommodations ;)
Rained all the next day.

What will seniors line up for in the rain?
Restaurants at 4 in the afternoon

Rained all the next morning, but around 2 we decided to head out and do a local scenic drive. Luck was on our side and the weather cleared for a few hours just after we headed out. This is a ghost town/mine that I think was used for films? or maybe just tourists.

Canyon Lake. Apparently it is normally a beautiful blue but not that day it wasn't
Made it as far as Tortilla Flats before the road was washed out.
Glad we weren't on the bike
Good thing that they have a bar, with saddles as stools to boot.
Swinging half doors in the washroom
Local Beer
Wrote our names on a dollar bill and stapled it to the wall. I was having fun.
Prickly Pear ice cream.
I learned cactus aren't always pretty
The storm the night before was bad.

The next morning the weather was looking fair and it was our last day, so we went to Lost Dutchman State Park for a sunrise hike of Superstition Mountain.
Stopped at a musuem on the way back for some cool buildings and things. Ah the old west.

After warming up and having more coffee we went to the flea market. Guess what Bruno is getting for Christmas ;)
Too funny!
Heading out for supper after drinks with everyone including the Martell's and Reg loses the coupon!
It's a bad picture but it had to be shown. Yup, that is Reg and Bruno now looking for the coupon.

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