Friday, November 6, 2009

Orlando - The abreviated version

Walt Disney World - What a place
Our Pirate Themed RoomAbbey MacNeilEric MacNeil
Magic Kingdom
Mickey grows tomatoes shaped like his head. Any other time I'd find this creepy but in Disney anything goes.
The Crew with Mickey & Minnie
Star Wars simulator - Hollywood Studios
The Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios (there's a story there)
It's a Small World - Magic Kingdom
You know it's been a great day when...
The Tree of Life - Animal Kingdom
Sunset swim at the pool in our resort
Magic Kingdom at night is a beautiful thing
Our Day at Seaworld

Our Day at Universal Studio's


B. Relyt said...


You are no longer invited here until you teach me what it is you do that lets you take such good photos.

Until that time keep an eye on your new camera.

Jess said...


Thank you!

As soon as you teach me to paint like you - I'll gladly share my photo secret...but you would still have to compliment on a shot every once and awhile, my ego needs it :)