Saturday, June 20, 2009

Patio Part Deux

Some people think you should spend your first 5 days of vacation relaxing and rejuvenating. At our house we thought it should be spent sticky, sweaty and dirty.

In the beginning there was a deck and some dirt.

Needed to trim some trees.

Day 1 - Cutting Sod and digging out the patio.

Day 2 - We feel like a 18 wheeler has run us over when we wake up. We call Matt and ask for help for the day. We then finish digging the patio, install the steps, haul the screening into the patio-to-be and start to level the rest of the yard.

Day 3 - Rent the tamper and compact the patio screening and loose dirt in the yard.

Day 4 - Drink coffee and layout the circle of the patio. It was a long day but we also finish laying the rest of the patio.

Day 5 - This was a biggie. Rented the saw to cut all the pieces for the patio. Laid out the gardens on the side of the yard. Graded the yard. Dug trenches and laid weeping tile for some historical "problem" areas (thanks Danny for donation). Picked up and laid 60 rolls of sod.

Midnight on Day 5. Everyone is very tired. Thanks to Jeremy and Jessica for coming over to help out and Dan for coming home from work early - we may not have made it without you.

We still had to pick up 15 rolls of sod this morning and lay them - as we didn't buy enough yesterday. We spent the rest of the day on the "pretty things". Buying river rock, new plants and mulch for the trees. Tomorrow is a beautiful day of puttering in the yard and making it pretty. It was raining today, but tomorrow I'll post pic's of the finished product in daylight.
Ahhhh vacation.

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Monique said...

Oh my god, you guys did an amazing job! Everything looks fabulous, and you've totally earned your week off! It must feel great to have such a beautiful (dandilion-free) yard!