Saturday, April 11, 2009

Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Our most recent date was playing hooky in the middle of the week (ok we used a vacation day - everyone knows we wouldn't call in sick) for a road trip to Presqu'ile to take pic's for the day. Bob and TylerB had stopped in there on their way home from a cottage/photo weekend earlier in March but Bob thought it was worthy of a return visit - it was.

There was an Otter in the Water :) which Ishka was very interested in. That whole part about not being able to swim - was probably a good thing.

The craziest colour greens in this part of the park called "Jobes' Woods"

As you will see - there are alot of marches with boardwalks etc in the park.

We are out of Jobes' Woods and are at the "Marsh Boardwalk". It was under construction so we didn't get to go very far but it was really nice.

After our lunch/snack we headed to "Owen's Point Trail".

All hiked out we are ready to leave and take pictures from the car window if necessary on a leisurely drive home.

Right after leaving the park we drove across this bridge that was this lake/marsh where all the swan's in the post above are taken.

Waiting for a train crossing to check out this cool road and bridge but got tired of waiting - it was a long train. We decided to save this for another day when we will come out the bike.
Beautiful riding roads here.


Monique said...

If we had alligators here, I'd guess that the otter was a gator.

Monique said...

Jobes' woods reminds me of Gob.

Bundy said...

I could be wrong but I believe I ran into you that day and chatted briefly with one of you just outside the park while I was taking photos of the Mute Swans. I'm a rather large gentleman. :-)

I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your photos. I'm a former photojournalist who now just enjoys taking photos for my pleasure.

If you're interested, you can view some of my photos from that day and others from the park as well by going here:

I also run the Presqu'ile Park Group on Flickr if you you'd like to have a look at that.

Perhaps I'll see you out there again some day.

Jess said...


I believe you are right - we did see you that day, you were speaking to my husband while I was trying to keep our dog away from the swans. What are the chances you would have come across my blog - is the world really that small? LOL

I checked out some of your photo's - nice work and thanks for taking to time to look through mine.